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From Vosges to Jura

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    This route is a link between two massifs, one crystalline, the other limestone, which contributes to the diversity of the the ndscape and sites: the forests of the southern slopes of the Ballon d'Alsace, the crests of the Doubs valley, the vineyards of Arbois and Château-Chalon, famous for its "vin jaune". There are also numerous centres of cultural interest with Besançon, and its citadel designed by Vauban, the royal salt works of Arc-et-Senans and Lons-le-Saunier, the birthplace of Rouget-de-Lisle.

    From Vosges to Jura

    Hiking ideas

    One day between two stations

  • from Hyèvre-Paroisse to Ougney-Douvot
    length : 25 km
  • from Ougney-Douvot to Roche-lez-Beaupré
    length : 20 km
  • from Roche-lez-Beaupré to Besançon
    length : 20 km
  • from Byans to Arc-et-Senans by the grottes d'Osselle
    length : 18 km
  • from Planoise to Torpes-Boussières
    length : 18 km

    One day loop

  • Around Creux of Revigny, from Lons-le-Saunier by Publy and Verantois
    length : 30 km
  • Around the reculée des Planches, from Arbois by Mesnay
    length : 26 km
  • the footpath of Châteux, from Passenans or from Voiteur
    length : 19 km

    Two days

    on the foothills of Vosges
    1) from Saint-Maurice-sur-Mozelle to Belfahy
    length : 13 km
    2) from Belfahy to Ronchamp
    length : 21 km

    on the Ceinture de Besançon
    1) from Roche-les-Beaupré to Avanne
    length : 28 km
    2) from Avanne to Roche-les-Beaupré
    length : 26 km

    Around the reculée de Baume-les-Messieurs
    1) from Sur Roche to Voiteur by Baume
    length : 17.5 km
    2) from Voiteur to Sur Roche by Blois-sur-Seille
    length : 20 km

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